Finally an Event Exclusively for ADVANCED Marketers!

Dear Fellow Marketer, 

Aren’t you sick and tired of sitting through the latest flash-in-the-pan sales pitch with little or no real value or content? If you're like me you have attended dozens of marketing events, and you've always been hoping for more. Something new, innovative, dare I say cutting edge or exciting. Like me you've probably been disappointed or given up altogether. I can't tell you how often I have heard the optimists say this “I didn’t really learn anything new over the last three days, but there was this one golden nugget of information that made the whole event worth it.” While I appreciate the optimism, I thought there MUST be a better way. 

What makes this worse is attempting to identify what is truly worth your time. With click bait headlines and over promising, under delivering webinars, and trainings its tough to weed through the chaff to find the advanced knowledge and higher education you're looking for. 

Trust me I know how you feel, so I created a community for Advanced Marketers. In our members area and at our live events you wont find a used car salesman pitching from stage to the lowest common denominator in the room that happens to have a wallet. There won’t be any panning for gold in our group or at our live events. We get right down to teaching you real-world, proven marketing methods for getting in front of millions of eyeballs combined with the latest cutting-edge strategies and techniques necessary to build your own community of highly engaged fans. 

Our membership is not for everyone, so you can’t simply buy your way into our group. We’ve set ourselves – and the members of our group – apart. We require that each new member go through an application process to ensure we have the right people with the right background and the right fit. If you’re an advanced marketer, or an experienced marketer ready to become an advanced marketer, you're in the right place. If you would like to be considered for membership to the group, click below. 

I hope to see you in our group or at our next live events real soon, 

Richard Weiler, 

Co Founder, Advanced Marketing Minds 

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Here’s what our AMM Members are saying

“I just joined the Advanced Marketing Minds Platinum Mastermind and the reason I joined was the level of information that was given to us and the quality of the people that were here was beyond compare. I highly recommend if you ever get the opportunity to join the AMM Group with Ken and Richard, do it. I can’t tell you how valuable it will be for both you and your business.”

– Jeannie Levinson President of Guerrilla Marketing International

“I want to tell you what you’re missing out on. I’ve had one of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had where I learned real copy writing, messaging, Facebook advertising techniques, and much more that I have been able to take and implement in my business right away. This isn’t the little gold nugget with the upsell. Richard and Ken give you the actual step-by-step story on how it’s done. – 

--Adam Hommey Founder of The Business Creators Institute

“We’ve been to hundreds of seminars over the past 14 years and being part of Advanced Marketing Minds with Richard Weiler & Ken McArthur. We’ve been able to sit at the feet of the masters and get specific answers to our questions that can be implemented and applied immediately to our business. That has been very different from what we’ve experienced in the past.”

– Eva Love & Will Noyes Founders of Magical Relationship Secrets

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